STDSC Disc Golf League Rules & Structures


-- Wednesday league is played at VA Barrie Park during the months of daylight saving time with a singles handicap format. Start time ranges from 4:30-5:30 depending on daylight (check with the coordinator at the course).

-- Sunday league is played at WaterWorks Park year-round. Formats alternates by month; (Dec doubles / Jan singles / Feb. - doubles...), and alternating tees (this wk longs - next wk shorts....).   Handicap format, start time is 10:30am.

  Fee for either league is $8; $4 of that goes directly to payouts for that week; $3 to the Ace pool ; $1 to the STDSC. Club membership for 2018 is $35.


* Sunday League will be cancelled if other club events are scheduled. *

* Singles Handicap Series keep separate handicap records for both long and short positions at each course. 

VA Barrie switches to all long or all short placements, alternating months. Waterworks placements alternates each week.


- Players do not have to be current paid members of STDSC to play league, outstanding memberships dues will be deducted from a player's winnings. 

- Every player must have played 2 scratch rounds of each singles and doubles to establish their handicaps. The $4 from those rounds goes to the club and not paid out to the other players.  The first 2 scratch rounds at singles will be entered in both short & long stats to help establish their handicap.      

- If a player's membership is current, they will be eligible for payouts with a % Deviation calculated from scratch (0) against other league players without having established their handicap and their $4 will be included with the payouts.

- A player's membership dues must be paid for the current year to be eligible for the ace pool.

- Handicaps records are permanent should a player not play for any length of time.

Singles League handicaps use a %Deviation calculated from the Trimmean average from up to twelve-weeks. 

E.g.; (medium average) drops the 4 lowest & 4 highest scores and calculates an average from the middle 4 weeks or medium scores. (1/3 till 12 weeks are accrued). The oldest of the 12 weeks is dropped and replaced with the most recent entry. Finishing order is calculated by the % deviation of the raw score from the Tri-average.

Doubles Leagues are choose your partner, with the 
%Deviation System calculated to six-weeks. Records of individual pairing will be kept and overall course averages will be calculated from all pairing to establish a Doubles Course average.

-Players without partners flip for random selection. In the case of a three-way flip, the odd man out plays two shots and has the option to pay twice for the chance to double their winnings; should they win or ace but have not paid twice, the league shall collect half of any payout.

-The first 2 rounds that two players play together, the team will use the lowest Doubles Course average of either player. A solo person shall use their course average twice. Once 2 rounds have been established, the team then has a handicap that stays true to them; other partner's stats will not affect it. 

Ace pools at VA Barrie are caped at $500. Multiple aces in a league round at VA Barrie will share in the first ace pool only.
Ace pools at WaterWorks are caped at $400.
Multiple aces in a league round at WaterWorks will share in the first ace pool only.